Warriors of Whispering Shadows

Dive into a unique adventure with Warriors of Whispering Shadows!

Based on the hit book series "Warrior Cats" by Erin Hunter, Warriors of Whispering Shadows plunges you straight into the action! The unparalleled gameplay comes from the custom plugins that bring the server itself to life; whether that be hunting mechanics, protecting your clanmates, or participating in Clan invasions!

Gameplay has been designed to put you right into the paws of a warrior. With captivating features you shouldn't get bored!
With a custom, hand created map, the visuals are full of life. With beautiful camps and wide, expansive territories, you'll always find something new to explore.

While WoWS is gameplay oriented, roleplay is still a very important part of our server. WoWS has its own set of unique plot points in order to keep roleplay fresh and exciting! You don't have to participate in anything you don't want to, but its always good to go out of your way and try something new!

The icing on the cake is our wonderful community!
Community can either make or break a server. We strive to provide a safe and caring environment for everybody, with reliable staff ready to help out at any moment! Don't feel scared to message one of us if you need anything.

Take your first pawsteps into the world of WoWS today!


General Rules

+ Our Server is recommended 13+. Some topics discussed are more mature in nature (Gore / Murder / Dark Humor / Etc).

+ NSFW content of any kind is strictly forbidden. Suggestive content and memes should be placed in the appropriate channel on the discord. Sending NSFW content is a bannable offense.

+ Do not advertise any active warrior cat servers or servers that plan to return. We don't mind discussion about old servers that are now offline.

+ Slurs are NOT ALLOWED ever. Do not use them or you risk an immediate ban.

+ Swearing IS ALLOWED, but keep it minimal. There is no need to have one hundred swears in one sentence.

+ Harassing and or Bullying is NOT ALLOWED. If a player asks you to stop, then Stop.

+ ALT Accounts are not allowed. We can tell when you are using an alternate account. You risk punishment for this.

+ All players will be in adventure mode. If for some reason you are not in adventure mode, please contact a staff member. Survivaling / Greifing is not allowed and will be punished.

+ Do NOT ask staff members for High Ranks / OP / Items / Etc. You will be denied.

+ Do not argue excessively with another player. If you have an issue with someone, DM a staff member.

+ If you are in the discord, you must have your character name somewhere in your nickname.

+ We support LGBT+

Character Rules

+ A player cannot choose the clan for their first character. You will be sorted by a staff member, however you are allowed to let us know one clan you do not want. You may only choose one clan as undesirable at this time.
Your second and third characters, you will have the option of choosing the clan or asking to be sorted.
You cannot make a second or third character until your first character reaches their 3rd training session.

+ When you kill off a character, you will go into a cooldown for 48 hours before you can make a new character.

+ Prefixes and names will be limited. If a plot relevant character or highrank has a specific name, that name will be put on a limit to ensure we do not have overlapping names. Please check the Name Limits tab for more info.

+ No Mary Sue / Gary Stue / Over Powered Characters.

+ No Emo / Overly Edgy / Overly Depressed Characters. This can ruin the whole mood of the server and trigger some users. While your character can grieve and be upset, don't overdo it.

+ You CANNOT give your character a special bond with the dead. If you have been allowed permission for this then it will be closely monitored by staff. Even so, your cat cannot speak to the dead at will.

+ Do NOT give your character a mental disability unless you have thoroughly researched it or have been diagnosed with the condition yourself. This can be seen as offensive. Many players experience their own disabilities and not doing your research can come off as mocking to them.

+ Book names are not allowed. This means you cannot have a character by the name of Firestar, Jayfeather, Cinderpelt, Etc.

+ Do not "copy paste" Character personalities. This means your character cannot be a replica of a book character or another user's character. Be original!

+ You cannot kill your first character until you've fully finished training and have received a warrior name.

+ If you kill off your High Ranked character, you are not allowed to get another High Rank position for a week.

+ You are not allowed to roleplay another person's character.

+ You are not allowed to roleplay a character that has not been approved.

+ You cannot kill another person's character in roleplay without their permission. You also cannot take a leader's life in roleplay without their permission.

+ Reincarnation is NOT ALLOWED unless permission is given specifically by NerfOrNothiing / Lunarla.

Gameplay Rules

+ Listen to and respect your clans high ranks. They are allowed to give punishments!

+ Do not trespass on another clans territory without permission. You are not granted permission to wander without asking an online member of that clan for permission.

+ Do not attack a clanmate with your claws unless directed to do so by your leader or deputy.

+ Do not mark another clan's border. Yes, we are aware its possible to do this and It most likely will not be fixed unless it becomes a problem. If you are caught marking another clans border you will be given punishment. You are only to mark your own clan's border.

+ Do not gaslight another user or clan. Be respectful and if you have something rude to say... Stick it where the sun don't shine.

+ Person ≠ Character
[There is a difference between how a player acts and how a character acts. Their character could hate you In Rp but you guys could be great friends Out of Rp
So please,
If you have an issue with what a character is doing or if it goes against the rules, simply report it to a staff member.

+ During important roleplays, your character cannot suddenly be dramatic to become the center of attention. You will be ignored and punishment will ensue if you continue after a warning.

+ Apprentices and Apprentice aged cats CANNOT and WILL NOT be allowed to have a mate and/or kits.
Having an innocent crush on another character the same age is perfectly acceptable if both apprentices are on at least session 3 of Training.

+ Upon traveling to the moonpool, You must remember to respect all borders. Do not cross without permission. A clan CAN deny you permission to cross UNLESS you are a medicine cat or a leader that is going to receive their nine lives.

+In-RP you can ask for character-related items. If they are within reason, staff may approve the items. An example includes a cat having a harmonica they found, or other small items.

The current character limit is 3 free characters per player. Any additional slots must be purchased via donation or SS. Please read rules about clan selection and 1st character for other rules regarding your 2nd and 3rd character.


Command guide


SetDesc allows you to set your own character description! You can make this anything you want, from a link to your character's reference sheet or a basic character description. Set it to whatever you want, however DO NOT use anything that is against the server rules. this includes IP's to servers, slurs, etc.

ViewDesc allows you to see what you set as your character description. View another users description by right clicking them!

Check Your Inventory!
Claws. Its quite obvious what these are used for! Do not attack your clanmates unless ordered to do so by your clan leader. They will cause your clanmate harm
Scent Tracker. While this is going to be updated in the near future, for now if you right click it will display a list of members in your radius. Eventually you will be able to follow some real scent trails!
There are Six sound commands and Two action commands. In order to use them simply interact with them in your inventory! The sound commands have a cooldown of 5 seconds in between to prevent spamming.
The snowball in your inventory can be interacted with to disable your disguise. This only works for you! Everyone else will still see you as your cat model. If you'd like to turn it on just interact with it once more.


This is the command almost every server uses for roleplay. The default color is purple but you can color format your /me message however you'd like. You can tell someone is using /me due to the [RP] prefix before their name.

Hold down your shift key for 5 seconds and wait for the "Pounce Ready" message. Once you are ready to pounce, press your space bar! Make sure you aim slightly above where your want to land.

In order to crawl your must press your shift key while looking at a space of more than two blocks long and one block tall. You can also do /crawl but thats kinda boring.

This command requires you to actually be sleeping. If you'd like to sleep find a clean nest (Dark Green Half Bed) and right click it. This will send you into a dream. There is a cooldown of 5 minutes in between each nap.
If you find a dirty nest (Brown Half Bed) you can clean it by shift right clicking it with dry moss or feathers.

If you are thirsty go right click on a water source or drink from some wet moss!
Shift right click on water with dry moss in order to turn it into wet moss.

If you are feeling sleepy, go take a nap! Right click on any nest (Green Half Bed) and you will be sent into a dream. When you wake up your should feel nice and refreshed.


/Mail Read
This allows you to read any mail you have received.

/Mail Send (Username)
This allows you to send mail to another user.

/Seen (Username)
This command can only be used by users who are Apprentices+
It allows you to see when a user was last online.

/Channel (Name)
This command allows you to make a private channel. This could be utilized for patrols or private chatting.
In order to make/join a channel replace (name) with the name you'd like for your channel. You can color code them!
Example - /Channel &9RiverclanPatrol
When a player wants to join your channel they must type the channel name exactly, including color codes!
To lessen the chance of an enemy clan sneaking into your channel you can set the name to something top secret!

This will open up your Backpack! You can store your most precious valuables in here so that you won't lose them if you die. We do not have keep inventory. You are encouraged to store your important goods in your Backpack instead of just carrying them in your inventory. We will not replace items lost from your inventory due to dying.

This is a fun command that will Pay Respect to a player that dies. Just hit your F key, no need to type f in chat!
You can also do /F [Username] to pay respect to a user for no reason.
Do not spam this or I'll take it away.

basic training guide

+ No matter what clan you are from you MUST go through AT LEAST Five days of training in order to become a warrior. Your clan may have more days but cannot have less than five.

+ Your clan will most likely have their own specific training guides. Those are to be followed before falling back onto the default training listed here.

+ You can train as much as you'd like everyday, however you can only count one session per day.

+ Mentors should share the same Timezone as their apprentices. If your timezones are not working out please message your clan leader or deputy for a switch.

+ Warriors cannot train another cats apprentice without their mentor's permission. If their mentor has not been active in more than three days, the apprentice should be given a new mentor.

+ After you have completed your Five days of training, you can ask your mentor for an assessment.
(Assessments essentially act as a six day of training and cannot be done on the fifth day)

+ Your leader should be online for your Assessment, However it is not necessary


Territory Tour

Apprentices should be taken out on a tour of their clans territory. Your apprentice should be made aware of other clan borders. Be sure to point out important landmarks as well!
Along your way, show them good places to gather moss among the territory. Upon arriving back at camp your apprentice should make sure all nests are cleaned.


Border Patrol

Take your apprentice out on a patrol to mark the borders. Teach them the importance of having a well marked border.
Borders that are left unmarked increase the risk of your clan being invaded.


Hunting Training

Show your apprentice how to hunt and all the best places. Once you seem confident in their hunting, send them off on their own to catch some prey. Have them return to camp with their prey at sundown.
After they are well rested you should take them out to practice scent tracking. Make sure they know how to use their Scent Tracker before doing anything else.
You should essentially play a game of hide and seek among the territory. Start off easy and then gradually make it more difficult.
You can trip them up by moving around.


Basic Combat Training

Bring your apprentice to the training area and teach them how to fight. Your clan should have its own special guide on combat training but you must teach them the very basics first.
+ A clan cat does not need to kill to win his or her battles. When an opposing cat is on low health they should retreat. Do not hurt or chase after a retreating cat.
+ If your health is four hearts or lower you must retreat from a battle. If a battle is taking place in your camp, retreat to the medicine cat den, nursery, or elders den.
+ Never harm a Medicine cat, Elder, Or Kit.


Ambush / Invasion Training

Make sure your apprentice understands the rules of an invasion and perhaps give them a little pop quiz to make sure they understand.

Once you're ready take your apprentice out in the territory to do some hunting. While your apprentice is hunting they should be aware of their surroundings as you will essentially be hunting them down. Once you've landed the first hit a fight should begin. Once your health has gotten low, retreat and praise your apprentice. Tips can be given as well!
Your apprentice should catch at least five pieces of prey before starting the next section.

After you've completed Ambush training, gather up a few cats to work on Invasion training! You should have one additional clanmate help you out with this step but you can have more than that helping out if you see fit.

You and your apprentice should go to a random part of the territory whilst your additional clanmate guards the training area.
Your apprentice should act as though they are leading an invasion. They should come up with a clear strategy for catching your clanmate off guard in order to win the mock invasion.
You can give tips but in the end it should be your apprentice making the strategy for this session.


Before starting your Assessment you should ask your mentor if you have any questions or if you'd like to review some things first.

Once you are ready to begin you will be sent out of camp at dawn. You should hunt as much prey as you can before dusk.
Be aware that your mentor is watching you. Even if you can't see them.

If you fail your assessment you will have to wait one day before being able to retake it.

If your mentor deems your Assessment a success, they will alert the leader and request a ceremony.

invasion guide

+ Invasions cannot start unless there are AT LEAST four players online in the clan you plan to invade. One of which must be a leader. Three of these cats MUST be warriors.

+ AT LEAST One staff member must be online for the duration of an invasion.

+ You CANNOT Attack Medicine Cats, Elders, Or Kits in an invasion.
This also works the other way around. Medicine Cats, Elders, And Kits CANNOT take part in an invasion.

+ It is recommended to fight a user that shares your ranking.
EX. Apprentices Fight Apprentices, Warriors Fight Warriors, Etc.

+ Players CANNOT gang up against high ranking characters. If you are not a high ranked cat or a leader's protector, you cannot fight a high ranked user.

+ A MAXIMUM of three cats can defend their leader. These cats are selected by the leader themselves. Do not appoint yourself as a leader's protector.

+ If a clan leader runs from the battle, they Forfeit the battle. This means that the opposing clan wins the invasion by default.

+ If a leader dies in an invasion they will lose a life and the invasion will end.

+ Both clan leaders must be online for the entire battle. A deputy can't substitute for the leader in this case. Deputies cannot decide when invasions take place. This is up to the leader.

+ If your clan loses in an invasion, Get over it! Being passive aggressive or just plain aggressive out of character is not acceptable. Please grow up and act mature. Nobody likes a sore loser and I will NOT be tolerating any kind of harassment and immaturity.

+ You cannot invade another clan's territory unless one or more points of their border are fully decayed. Take a photo for evidence later on in case you are asked by a staff member. Failure to show evidence when asked can result in the loss of any and all prizes won.

+ Leaders MUST inform a staff member if they plan to invade another clan. This is so that a staff member can monitor your invasion.
Staff members are NOT ALLOWED to discuss your invasion plans with anyone other than their fellow staff members. If they spill the beans please contact GhOstKitty so that I can kick their ass.

+ If you've discovered an opposing clan cheating in battle through means of hacking, You MUST report this to staff with solid video evidence or your claim will be ignored.
Screenshots will not be accepted as proper evidence.

+ Alliances can change at ANY moment. This INCLUDES during invasions. Be certain of your alliances loyalty before starting a battle you couldn't win by yourself.

highrank guide

High Rank Requirements

+ High Ranks must be very active on the server. We understand life can get in the way sometimes so if you are going to be gone for more than 3 days message a staff member. Your deputy will temporarily take your place until you return.
If you are gone for more than 10 days without notifying a staff member, you will be demoted and your deputy will take your place.

+ All High Ranks are REQUIRED to have discord and be active on the WoWS discord server.

+ Deputies are required to have fully trained at least 1 apprentice. Exceptions can be made if approved by a staff member.

+ High Ranks should be able to handle a decent amount of stress. Players will be pestering you constantly! If you seem to be unable to handle your roles or responsibilities, you will be demoted.

+ High Ranks cannot step down / Reset / Be killed off unless they have trained a replacement.
[ Fully Trained Medicine Cat Apprentice Or Leader has chosen a Deputy ]

+ Abuse of your role will result in demotion.


Leader / Deputy Rules

+ Once you return to your clan after receiving your 9 lives, You are REQUIRED to pick a deputy. Please decide in your mind who you'd like to pick before going to get your lives.

+ Leaders are required to lose, at the minimum, one life per month. You may step down on your last life or lose your life and go to starclan.

+ Do not boss around members of other clans. You are not their leader.

+ Do not force an alliance on another clan. As the first rule states, You are not their leader.

+ Be respectful of other clan High Ranks. Obviously tensions can get high, but remain respectful when not roleplaying.

+ Do not give unjustified gameplay punishments. In Roleplay punishments are different from gameplay punishments.

+ Do not make agreements you do not plan to keep. It will ruin your reputation and cause other leaders not to trust your word.

+ Do not assign a deputy unless they have fully trained at least one apprentice.
Medicine Cat / Medicine Cat Apprentice Rules
+ Do not disrespect clan borders. While you are permitted to cross borders, do not do so unless you need to. Crossing without good reason is quite annoying, and if done enough, punishable.

+ Medicine Cat Apprentices are not permitted to leave clan territory without their mentor or another warrior.

+ Trading herbs is allowed, However if your leader demands that you stop trading, you must respect their choice. You can object, however they will have the final say.

+ You are required to heal all cats, regardless of their loyalties. If your leader forbids healing to a certain group, You must respect that.

+ Medicine cats and Medicine cat apprentices are NOT ALLOWED to fight in invasions. You are allowed to defend yourself, but do not go out of your way to battle.

+ Do not steal herbs from other clans or from the outsiders.

+ Do not mercy kill another cat without their permission.

+ Medicine Cat Apprentices must go through 10 days of training in order to become full medicine cats.

Name limits

There are a few reasons names will be limited. These include:
+Prefix is taken by a highrank
+Prefix/Name is taken by a plot relevant cat
+There are simply too many characters with one prefix at a time
+The prefix/name is reserved for a future character that has yet to be revealed.


Limited Clan Prefixes

Jaguar (1/1)
Drizzle (1/1)
Twisted (1/1)
Apple (1/1)

Limited Plot names

Koi- (1/1)

Other Limited names


Many Many Moons ago, back when Sunstar, Hailstar, Cedarstar, And Heatherstar led the clans, There was a prophecy.

On the third night of the great cold, A mysterious wind will bring with it a shroud of darkness. Four must become one to follow the darkest path under a storm of blood.

Medicine cats struggled to find the meaning of mysterious wind and the great shadow... Until Leaf-Bare arrived. The mysterious wind ended up being a powerful storm, bringing about a horrible plague that couldn't be cured. The storm never ended, the territories growing flooded and nearly uninhabitable.

The plague caused cats to suddenly collapse within a day or infection. Their eyes seemed cloudy on first inspection... They would become extremely lethargic, unable to hold food or herbs down without vomiting. They seemed to be in some form of a trance... unable to communicate clearly, and seeming incredibly unstable on their paws, frequently collapsing and seizing on the ground.

On the third night of infection, they would suddenly get to their paws, their eyes, bloodshot and red... Mouth pouring drool... looking as if they had gone insane... They no longer had control of their bodies, Lunging at those closest to them with sudden, unimaginable strength... Ripping apart whatever they could get their jaws on...
Medicine cats were to be guarded at all times, but this wasn't enough... Even touching an infected cat could cause your downfall.

One young apprentice received a vision one night... Showing the bodies of all the clan cats torn apart, eyes bloodshot and clouded over... Blood pouring from themselves. The cats had all gone insane with the third moon sickness and had torn themselves to shreds...
The apprentice's breath caught in his throat as they realized the blood that poured from their throats seemed to make a trail... Wind and rain hit him from behind with incredible force, as if pushing his paws forward to follow the trail...
This was the first time a vision had been received in many moons... and it was clear.

Leave the forest as one, or the clans will perish.

The clans traveled for moons, eventually finding the lake territories and settling in.
Starclan had been silent ever since...

Until Now

A young Shadowclan warrior by the name of Koisong has received an important prophecy...

When the clans fall beneath the weight of the sky... Only those guided by shadow can save the clans from disaster...

It is now up to the clans to uncover the true meaning of the prophecy before it's too late...


What is clan strength?

Clan Strength is a way of measuring how powerful a clan is based on what they've proven in battles.
Clan Strength points are earned by participating in Invasions. Your clan can earn and lose strength based on how you behave during and after invasions. Clan strength can also be earned by being allied with other clans who win in invasions.

Every month the clan with the highest amount of strength will receive prizes.

Prizes are given at the end of each month. Leaders are in charge of distributing any prizes gained.

How can I make sure my clan gets the most strength possible?

The staff member that oversaw your invasion has full control over giving your clan points based on how well your clan performed in their eyes. There IS a staff guideline for giving Clan Strength that must be followed, this way Clan Strength cannot be given unfairly. If you believe the staff member that oversaw your Invasion is not giving points fairly please message Gh0stKitty.

Here are some tips on getting the most Clan Strength out of an invasion.

+ Your clanmates followed direction perfectly.

+ Nobody got lost or left behind in enemy territory.

+ Your invasion was quick and well thought out.

+ Strategy worked with little to no issues.

+ No kits/elders/or medicine cats were injured on either side.

+ After the invasion ended your clan left enemy territory immediately without lingering and continuing to fight.

contact us

Our official email is [email protected]
If you cannot contact us via discord, please use this email above for anything important!

We will respond as soon as possible.

OWNER NerfOrNothiing - play psychonauts#4473
OWNER Lunarla - Lunarla#6121
HEAD ADMIN OmegaMogeko - Q The Enemy Q KTR#3723
HEAD MOD FenrisWheel - fenriswheel#6593